Nesting Software for Optimum Use of Materials

Astra R-Nesting is intended for optimizing rectangular nesting. The software can be used for cutting parts of plywood, lumber, glass, metal and other sheet materials.

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Astra R-Nesting - Rectangular nesting software

Simple and intuitive tools found in this software enable users to: automatically nest the order, quickly edit nesting layouts by hand, calculate offcuts for further re-utilization, print cutting diagrams, reports and labels, output cutting diagrams to CNC cutting machines.

Output to CNC saws

HOLZMA, Selco, CPOUT format, Giben, Mayer, Felder, Holz-Her, Schelling, SCM, Gabbiani, Casadei Busellato Macchine, Altendorf F45 Elmo, Bottero, Filato, DXF. All supported CNC saws...

Getting started with nesting software?

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Fast order creation save your time

Simple tabular entry of data allows the user to enter the list of parts and sheets into the order form or import them from any text file, Excel or CAD/CAM applications. A nesting order can be made from preset assemblies.

Excellent algorithm of automatic nesting and reuse offcuts reduces costs due to the decrease of waste

Astra R-Nesting offers a set of functions to ensure optimal use of materials:
  • Calculation of offcuts on the nesting layouts - automatic calculation, calculation in the specified area, manual editing using a mouse.
  • Inventory of offcuts in stock - manual and automatic entry of offcuts to the storehouse database, editing of the offcuts list, filtering, sorting, calculation of the statistics about all offcuts in stock or offcuts by a selected material
  • Priority cutting of offcuts in the new order - automatic and manual selection of offcuts for cutting.
  • Quick editing of nesting layouts - by using a mouse, the user can rotate and move the parts over the layout and even drag them to the other layout.

Linking Astra R-Nesting with your company's software?

The Astra R-Nesting can be run from command line, import the list of parts and sheets, perform nesting, calculate the offcuts and export the cutting diagrams and cut list to your system. Read about linking nesting software with your program...

More functions for production management and effective monitoring of execution of orders

  • The software allows the user to specify edge banding settings for parts.
  • Astra R-Nesting can print labels for the order parts, sheets and offcuts in stock.
  • The program can create a centralized database to enable any corporate network user to access its nesting order from any workstation.
  • Astra R-Nesting offers a unique set of options that can be used to customize the software for the equipment and technologies of any enterprise.

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